Telford's Got Talent Terms & Conditions

1. Contestants must be available for all the dates and times above.

2. Telford’s Got Talent is open to Telford residents of all ages.

3. Applicants whose participation may need special arrangements are asked to inform the organisers as soon as possible so that they can be put in place at each venue.

4. Signed consent of a parent/legal guardian is required for contestants aged under 16 years.

5. Contestants under the age of 13 must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult AND have signed consent from a parent/guardian.

6. Groups of children under the age of 16 must be accompanied/supervised by responsible adults

a ratio of 1 adult to every 6 children is required.

7. Open Auditions will take place in front of a Judging Panel over 2 days and contestants will be contacted with the Judges’ decisions as soon as possible after the end of the second day.

8. The appearance, behaviour and performances of applicants must be appropriate for a family audience.

9. Behaviour/content that is deemed to be offensive to any sector of society will not be tolerated.

10. Applicants are responsible for ensuring the safety of their acts, for themselves and others.

11. The decision of the Telford’s Got Talent Judges is final, at all stages of the competition.

12. Contestants who arrive without having submitted an application form will be required to complete one on arrival.

13. Telford’s Got Talent cannot offer precise performance timings for contestants

whether for the auditions, semi-finals or final.

14. Audition pieces should be no more than 4 minutes long.

15. If the Judges are undecided they may ask for a repeat performance or another piece.

16. Contestants must supply their own backing track, instruments, props etc.

17. Basic equipment e.g. sound system, microphones, stands (up to 4) cd player will be supplied. However, any additional equipment needed please bring with you.

18. Telford’s Got Talent has the right to film and/or photograph performances, and to publish/distribute the resulting material on social media and in the local press.

19. The winning contestant agrees to being photographed and interviewed for social media and local press.